H Net Language Center has been registered with thebigwordGroup as a Translation Agency since May 2013. The work carried out has been in the following specialisms – Marketing, Advertising, and Fashion. The quality of H Net Language Centers work has always been very satisfactory and we have not received any negative feedback from clients regarding the translation or professional Skills. Assuming that the quality of H Net Language Centers work continues to be of a high standard and trusting they will continue to be available for work offered by thebigwordGroup, then there is no reason why we would not continue to use their services. ( THEBIGWORD, Scott Mahoney, Senior Resourcer )


    Címünk: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 1. 8/19.
    Mobil: +36 20 953 3862 (8-20 óra között)
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